What our clients say...

“Having started up several companies including nationally recognized “RealtyTrac”, and moved them through start-up to exit, I understand the importance of a forward thinking CFO. In Tom I found that and have been able to move forward in my new venture, E-Drive Autos dba AutoSaver.com. He has been and continues to be a key partner in raising capital, providing CFO guidance, and business expertise.”
John D White, Chairman/President

E- DriveAutos

“I have partnered with Tom professionally for several years. Tom has helped structure and streamline Money PagesMeetings with Tom are always eye-opening. He has continually conducted himself professionally and is extremely talented in educating me and helping me to understand so that I can make better decisions where my company is concerned.”

Alan Worley President/Owner Money Pages

“I have worked closely with Tom for several years. Recently I have used his services in preparing a manufacturing client for sale. Tom’s knowledge of business, accounting, systems and financial presentation has contributed greatly to increasing the market value of this company and making the company more attractive to a buyer. “
William Malone, CII Business Brokers

“As our company worked through the 2008/2009 economic downturn, Tom was instrumental in helping me develop and execute a long-term plan which took advantage of costs savings, met demands of my secured lenders, and generated sufficient cash so the business could continue through the challenging economy.”
Gary Avery Vice President/Owner
Arlington Heavy Hauling, Inc.

Tom Comollo  | President | P: 904.477.3919 |  F: 888.731.7198 | tcomollo@trustedcfoservices.com

You may need trusted financial services if...


                 our business or practice has become more complex and you believe your financials   

                 are not delivering all the information you need. The explanations you are receiving do not leave you with a comfortable feeling. While you believe your accounting staff and/or CPA are doing a reasonable job, you realize they cannot do all that needs to be done. With the right information and open discussions, you could greatly improve the results of your business or practice.

As your business continues to grow, you find yourself working 70 to 80 hours a week, with no quality time with your family. You would like to bounce ideas off someone who has a different perspective on your business but who is also vested in the idea and willing to participate in the implementation. You would like to be able to trust this person to direct and relieve you of many of the routine activities that bog you down.

At some time in your career you owned or worked for a business that was large enough to have a Chief Financial Officer. You came to understand the value of a CFO. Financials were timely, accurate and well communicated; bank and investor relationships were smooth and cooperative, projects were planned, reviewed, adjusted and completed. You saw that the CFO provided valuable insight into your business not only in finances but in the other operational areas. You need that expertise in your business now.

You are comfortable with the performance of your business but you realize that you cannot just stay the same. Your competition is always after your customers and you have to get bigger and stronger. You can grow modestly through internal growth but there are companies out there that would be great acquisition and fit nicely with your current business. However, alone, you cannot focus on your current business, review acquisitions and eventually merger that acquisition into your existing business.

You realize that at some time you will exit your business and you would like to dictate that time and method of transfer, whether sale or transfer to employees or family. You have been able to manage your business successfully with the accounting records you have in place but you realize that your successor may need more detailed accounting reports. You may have been told your business doesn’t have the financial records and systems in place that would make a buyer and financing group comfortable with the transaction.

Like most business owners you did not start your business so you could keep records. But as the business has grown you are paying more and more attention to accounting, accounting systems, accounting personnel,  federal and state income tax preparation and more. Your time is valuable and is better spent doing what you do best — growing your business. 

Tom Comollo, CPA, MBA