Tom Comollo  | President | P: 904.477.3919 |  F: 888.731.7198 |

I have investigated and completed acquisitions, established new locations and controls of cost and profitability on new product lines.

When the owner of the company decided to exit, I structured and coordinated the due diligence program and assisted in arranging financing for a successful investment banker/ management buyout.

My experience includes companies in manufacturing, automotive, construction, services, medical practices, internet, education and training, and memberships associations.


When you decide to work with Trusted CFO Services you will be working with me, Tom Comollo.

I have over 30 years of experience as a CFO, controller and company President. I have directed companies at a senior management level from $1 million in sales to $140 million and raised capital from $10 thousand to $95 million.

I am an executive who is able to break the company’s visions and strategies into workable components that are logical and uncomplicated. I continue to use my talents in finance, business and accounting to make companies and their executives and managers more successful.

In the last eight years I have concentrated my efforts on medium size business ($1 million to $20 million) and medical practices. I have found that my experience with larger companies is extremely valuable to these businesses in reaching their next level.  

My experience includes the structuring and reorganizing of companies in startup and turnaround situations. I have directed the automation of accounting, sales and manufacturing systems including the acquisition of software and hardware. This included creating strong internal controls and establishing measurements and reporting guidelines that gave owners and senior management a quick and accurate view of the conditions of the business.