orking with “Trusted CFO Services” is working with

              Tom Comollo a CPA, MBA with over 30 years of diversified business experience at a CFO and President level. During the introduction period we will discuss your concerns, review your financial records, systems and personnel, and present a review with suggested solutions. No fees are charged until you have reviewed and approved that plan and decided to move forward.

Here is what I intend to deliver.

Increased Cash Flow. You will be collecting receivables more effectively, controlling inventory and payables, justifying capital equipment expenditures.  You will have credibility with investors and bankers because your financials are timely and accurate, making it easier to obtain funding. 

Increase in company value. By identifying and correcting weakness in your reporting systems, setting goals for future projects, reviewing results, adjusting direction when necessary and accelerating where you could your company's value increases.

Increase in personal wealth. Because you now have a company with systems, controls and personnel, the business is not totally reliant on you. That makes the business more attractive to buyers and investors. Additionally, through planned and identified personal benefit programs, you have been able to create wealth outside of the value of the business.

Tom Comollo  | President | P: 904.477.3919 |  F: 888.731.7198 | tcomollow@trustedcfoservices.com


More time for you. Because you are managing your business and not reacting to it, there is less stress in your life. While everything cannot be anticipated much of it can be. This will leave you time to deal with the unexpected. And because you have others you can rely on you, can take time away from the business for rest and relaxation.

Complete Exit Strategy and Plan. Because of the steps you have taken above, your business is attractive to potential buyers and should receive a premium valuation. Since the business is not reliant on you, you have time to develop other interests...possibly a new business venture, or retirement. Whatever your plan, you can pursue it with confidence.