After discussion of your goals and review of your current situation, we will determine together which of the following services we provide are best suited for your business.

Manage, train, develop and evaluate your current staff so they will be able to perform their responsibilities in a more productive and efficient matter.

Assure the timeliness and accuracy of financial information and financial metrics. Get your financials in time to make changes in your operation if needed. Eliminate the confusion in your financial statements and have them mean something to you, not just your accountant or CPA. Let them help you run your business more efficiently.

Manage and control assets invested in your business to improve and enhance cash flow. Don’t give up the opportunity to get more cash. Don’t let your profits (cash) get tied up in inventory, accounts receivables and/or capital equipment.

Budget preparation and forecasting. Understand the future financial impact of decisions you are making today and be able to adjust if you are experiencing results different from your plan.

Debt refinancing and negotiations. There is the right time and often a better time to seek financing. If you can anticipate your cash needs before you actually need the cash, you increase the probability of receiving the cash needed to expand your business.


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Exit planning and ownership transition strategies that allow you to maximize the value of your business and provide a smooth transition. When is the right time to start planning? Right now.

Evaluation of mergers and acquisitionsand due diligence support. Internal growth is great but it may not be the best way. You can spend years and big dollars gaining market share when it may make more sense acquiring a competitor or, if you are going into a new market, purchasing an existing business in that market.

Improved relationships with lenders, investors and other sources of capital. I speak their language and have the background that will give them a higher sense of confidence in your current financials and projected plans.